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The North Star (1943)

Director: Lewis Milestone
Actors: Anne Baxter, Dana Andrews, Walter Huston, Walter Brennan, Ann Harding
Runtime: 106 min.

At the beginning of World War 2, a group of students in Ukraine are planning a visit to Kiev when their farming village is attacked by the Nazis. They retreat to the hills and form militias to fight back against the German invaders.

Trivia: Anne Baxter (Marina Pavlova) won the Oscar for Best Actress for her role in All About Eve (1950). Walter Huston (Dr. Pavel Grigorich Kurin) won a Best Supporting Actor Oscar for The Treasure of the Sierra Madre and Walter Brennan (Karp) won the Best Supporting Actor award three times. The North Star was nominated for six Academy Awards, including Best Screenplay, Best Cinematography and Best Original Score. Cinematographer James Wong Howe was nominated for a total of 10 Academy Awards, winning twice. The movie was edited and released under the title Armored Attack in 1957 to present a less idealistic portrayal of the Soviet Union.