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The Giant of Marathon (1959)

Director: Jacques Tourneur
Runtime: 90 min.

Loosely based on the historic battle of Marathon, the story is set in 490BC during the time of the Medic Wars, when Persian armies swept across the Ancient World, During a period of internal division in Athens, Philippides (Steve Reeves) is a hero of the Olympic Games who takes charge of the Sacred Guard. His opponents attempt to seduce him to their side by offering him the hand of the beautiful servant girl Charis (Daniela Rocca) but are unsuccessful because he is already in love with Andromeda (Mylène Demongeot). When news arrives that the Persian king is marching on Athens, Philippides heroics save the day.

Trivia: Mylène Demongeot was a French sex symbol in the 1960s. The marathon is named for the 26 miles run by Philippides to carry his message.