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Evil in the Deep (1975)

Director: Virginia L. Stone
Actors: Stephen Boyd, Chuck Woolery, Roosevelt Grier, Cheryl Ladd, David Ladd
Runtime: 74 min.

A scuba diver hunts for sunken treasure off the coast of Jamaica. But a shark makes the situation a bit more difficult.

Trivia: Also known as Treasure of Jamaica Reef, this movie was filmed in Grenada. Cheryl Ladd (credited here as Cheryl Stoppelmoor) later married David Ladd and went on to star in the TV series Charlie's Angels. Darby Hinton (Darby) played Daniel Boone's son Israel in the Daniel Boone TV series where he starred alongside LA Rams football star Rosie Grier (Asper). Chuck Woolery (Victor Spivak) is better known as the host of TV Game Shows Wheel of Fortune and Love Connection.