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Seven Were Saved (1947)

Director: William H. Pine
Actors: Richard Denning, Catherine Craig, Russell Hayden, Ann Doran, Keith Richards
Runtime: 73 min.

A plane crashes into the middle of the Pacific Ocean while en route to the United States, forcing seven people to fend for themselves on a small rubber lifeboat. Among the survivors is a Japanese colonel (Richard Loo) who is facing trial for horrible war-crimes, along with a couple who spent time in a Japanese prison camp. The two pilots (Richard Denning, Russell Hayden) eventually learn to deal with the guilt of crashing the plane.

Trivia: Russell Hayden (Captain Willis) is best known for his roles in Westerns like Hopalong Cassidy and the TV series Cowboy G-Men. Over many years, real rescues by the Air-Sea Rescue Service have been caught on camera. Some of this archival footage is used in the rescue scenes in this movie.