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Three Guys Named Mike (1951)

Director: Charles Walters
Actors: Jane Wyman, Van Johnson, Howard Keel, Barry Sullivan, Barbara Billingsley
Runtime: 90 min.

Three guys named Mike vie for the attentions of pretty airline stewardess Marcy Lewis (Jane Wyman). One is a student who works nights as a bartender (Van Johnson), the next is an ad exec (Barry Sullivan), and the third Mike is an airline pilot (Howard Keel). The situation is made more complicated as the more experience Marcy gains in her job, the more her views evolve.

Trivia: Jane Wyman was nominated for four Best Actress Oscars, winning in 1948 for Johnny Belinda. She was married to Ronald Reagan from 1940-1948. Howard Keel played Clayton Farlow in Dallas. Barbara Billingsley (Ann White) played June Cleaver in the Leave it to Beaver TV series.