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Angel on My Shoulder (1946)

Director: Archie Mayo
Actors: Paul Muni, Anne Baxter, Claude Rains, Onslow Stevens, George Cleveland
Runtime: 100 min.

Eddie Kagel (Paul Muni) is a murdered gangster sentenced to Hell for all eternity. When Eddie attracts the attention of the Devil, who likes to call himself Nick (Claude Rains), they strike a win-win agreement. Nick promises to free Eddie if he brings down the reputation of a judge on Earth, which will allow Eddie to seek his much-wanted revenge. After Eddie

Trivia: Anne Baxter played the princess Nefertiri in The Ten Commandments, she also won a Best Actress Oscar for her role in 1950's All About Eve. Paul Muni also starred in 1932's Scarface as the infamous gangster, Tony Camonte.