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The Great Saint Louis Bank Robbery (1959)

Director: Charles Guggenheim
Actors: Steve McQueen, Crahan Denton, David Clarke, James Dukas
Runtime: 86 min.

An ex-convict recruits a college football star (Steve McQueen) for a bank robbery. Strapped for cash, the gang asks his ex-girlfriend Ann to loan them money so they can get by until they pull of the heist. But once Ann learns what they're up to, she tries to foil the plot.

Trivia: Director Charles Guggenheim was nominated for a total of ten Academy Awards (all documentaries) and won the award three times. Steve McQueen was unknown when this film was made. The movie is based on a robbery that actually happened in St. Louis in 1953. Some of the police officers and bank employees who experienced it are playing themselves. The 2014 movie American Heist is based on this movie.