A Swingin' Summer (1965) - USA only

Director: Robert Sparr
Actors: Raquel Welch, James Stacy, Lori Williams, William Wellman, Jr., Quinn O’Hara, Martin West
Runtime: 80 min.

Looking for summer jobs, a group of three friends locate a lakeside dance pavilion that is in need of a few promoters. After securing the jobs, a jealous lifeguard, Turk (Martin West), sets out to sabotage the trio's plans. Attempting to revamp the pavilion's reputation, the friends give their full effort in this comedic musical.

Trivia: This film marks the screen debut of Raquel Welch, who went on to become an international sex symbol following her performance in One Million Years B.C.. James Stacy starred in the hit 1960s TV series Combat!